Mental Healing Collection

Mental Healing Collection

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》DISCLAIMER: I am by no means suggesting that these blends are a replacement for medication, nor are they magic potions you rub on your wrists and will instantly "feel better"... but these plants & crystals, along with mental intention, can definitely help guide you through your healing process. 

Each 10ml roll-on blend comes with an affirmation and inspirational quote(s) to help guide your intention in times of need.

-LIGHT: For easing and guiding through dark/depressing thoughts or feelings.
-STABILITY: For balancing mood swings and extreme high/lows.
-SELF-LOVE: For releasing negative thoughts & harmful behaviors toward oneself.
-STRENGTH: For overcoming addictions, cravings, and attachments of any kind.

-CALM: For calming anxiety and/or panic attacks.


This collection is super special and personal to my heart. I've been working with each formula and have been waiting to share them with you all for quite some time now. This is only half of them. But in honor of the many important people in my life who struggle with mental health, in honor of those who've lost the battle with mental health, in honor of myself and my own mental health,  in honor of this mind-blowing Earthly experience overall... I feel its time to offer some mental healing in the Apothecary.

Our minds don't get anywhere near as much attention as our bodies do. We're always looking for ways to heal and detox our bodies, but many of us don't know how to heal our minds ~ our thoughts, habits, perspectives, etc..

Many of us don't like to talk about, acknowledge, or admit to these kinds of issues. I've had my experience with anxiety attacks, depression, trauma, addiction/drug abuse, and absolute self-loathing over the years... shit that seriously messed with my mind. These are recipes that I have put together from personal experience as well as knowledge of the plant and crystal kingdoms.



👉👉👉To anyone who feels alone, stuck, anxious, unworthy, drowning, exhausted, depressed, losing grip.. I love you. You are worthy. You will get thru this. Please find the courage to reach out. There are so sooo many people that care about you. And if you can't find anyone, I'm here. Always ❤

Tell as many people as possible that you love them, everyday!