OSTARA Sabbat Oil

  • $24.95

Ostara is the pagan celebration of the Spring Equinox , observed March 20th , marking the first day of Spring.

During this time ~ we honor the Earth’s cycles of rebirth by planting seeds, saluting the Sun, and inviting new opportunities into our lives. This is a fresh start. You are now birthing everything you’ve been cultivating. Let’s blossom baby!

Our Ostara blend of 100% pure essential oils is reminiscent of all the things you love about spring. It’s refreshing, yet sweet, with floral notes. Infused with lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, pink carnation petals, and blue agate crystals.

Use this in your Ostara ritual for welcoming in fertility, abundance, new beginnings, and uplifting energy. Get out into the dirt and feel the sunshine making its return!