Plant Medicine Workshop Course

Plant Medicine Workshop Course

  • $44.00

Honor Mother Earth and connect deeper with your inner herbalist, during our VERY FIRST hands-on plant medicine workshop course. Where you have the opportunity to work with and take home many different plants in their various forms. We will be gathering in ceremony, meditating, and tuning into each plant as we experience their magic.

This is a workshop that has met once a month, at NUDA Juice & Wellness Shop in San Pedro, for the last few months. WE ONLY HAVE 2 CLASSES LEFT! Each class focuses on 3 different plants and the many forms they express ~ oils, teas, tinctures, smoke, etc... In addition to specific plant properties, you'll also learn basic herbalism tips and recipes!

You can take one class at a time, or sign up for the multi month package at a discounted rate! (If you sign up for the remainder 2 classes, there will be make up dates available in case you miss a class)


You will be provided with:
*All plant materials for class & personal use
*All bottles/jars for class
*Composition book (for use throughout course)
*Information about each plant
*A safe space for healing

We are planning on meeting the following Sunday afternoons at 2pm:



*Dates subject to change. Make-up dates available when you enroll in the remaining 2 classes*