Spirit Alchemy Collection

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"Spirit Alchemy" includes 11 powerful blends which have been crafted to heal your spirit. There are more than just physical ingredients in each blend. Although the vibrations of the plants & crystals create a magical combination, each finished product is also attuned with tuning fork vibrations for further amplification.

Tuning forks are tools that produce a vibration that has been tuned to a certain frequency. Everything vibrates or resonates at a frequency. 432hz is the most natural resonance for the human body, Earth, Sun & the Moon. The sound OM vibrates at 136.1hz. Like tuning an instrument, your body can be tuned to certain frequencies to achieve optimal balance.

Grapeseed oil is the carrier used in these blends, which supports spiritual development and makes an excellent base to use in rituals. It awaits an energetic imprint, amplifies messages, and carries it to higher dimensions.

Each 10ml vial contains a variety of 100% pure essential oils, with organic, unrefined Grapeseed oil, and infused with the following crystal + tuning fork vibrations:

ANCHOR & MANIFEST - Quartz to manifest your visions into reality. Attuned at 432hz & 136.1hz.

MERCURY RETROGRADE - Blue Lace Agate to bring balance, clarity & protection while Mercury is in retrograde. Attuned at 432hz.

FULL MOON - Rainbow Moonstone to center and guide you through the intense Full Moon energy. Attuned at 432hz.

NEW MOON - Peach Moonstone to attract new beginnings and manifest New Moon intentions. Attuned at 432hz.

EARTH CONNECTION - Moss Agate to ground and connect you to Mother Earth. Attuned at 433hz.

RELEASE - Citrine to assist in letting go of that which no longer serves you. Attuned at 136.1hz.

SWEET ASTRALS - Labradorite to aid vivid dreams and promote astral travel. Attuned at 136.1hz.

CREATIVE SPACE - Carnelian to help you tap into your creative power within. Attuned at 136.1hz.

FOCUS - Tiger's Eye to quiet the "monkey mind" and redirect your intention. Attuned at 136.1hz & 432hz.

 •GO WITHIN - Amethyst to deepen the breath and enhance states of meditation. Attuned at 432hz & 136.1hz.

UPGRADE - Fluorite to relieve symptoms from energetic upgrades & releases. Attuned at 136.1hz.



**External use only. Jade Dragon Apothecary recommends asking your doctor before using any of our products if you are on medication or have a serious condition. These products and statements are not approved by the FDA nor are they a cure or replacement for medication. Jade Dragon Apothecary is not responsible for any reactions to our products. Read all ingredients carefully, and always test products on patch of skin before use.

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