SCORPIO Zodiac Sign Roll-On Oil

SCORPIO Zodiac Sign Roll-On Oil

  • $14.95

10/23 - 11/21


Although they often get a bad rep, Scorpio's really just bring a strong sense of passion to all areas of their life. They know what they want, aren't afraid to let everyone know, and aren't gunna let anything stop them from getting it. To some this may come off as too bold or too blunt, but listen closely & you'll know there's nothing but love in a Scorpio's intentions. Ever heard of tough love? Sometimes it's exactly what we need.

The warm, sensual notes of Patchouli resonate with the passion of a Scorpio - fiery & grounding yet still very enchanting. Patchouli is also ruled by Scorpio's ruling planet Mars, which focuses on primal instincts of survival, aggression, and - dare I say it - PASSION!








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