CANCER Zodiac Sign Roll-On Oil

CANCER Zodiac Sign Roll-On Oil

  • $14.95

6/22 - 7/21

Cancers are known for their nurturing, caring, and empathetic ways. They can be sensitive & moody, but only because their intuitive nature picks up on the vibes around them. Like the water sign they are, Cancers tend to flow and fluctuate with the tides - however, they rely heavily on security and what they are familiar with. This is a time to get all up in your feels and be true to yourself. Check in with yourself. Nurture yourself.

Our CANCER roll-on is crafted with Chamomile ~ a gentle & soothing aroma for navigating a Cancer through their feelings. Chamomile is also ruled by the Moon, Cancer's ruling planet, which controls our emotions like the ocean.





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