11/11 Portal Meditation

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In number patterns, the pattern of 11 or 111,1111, 11/11, 11:11, etc.. is considered a highly angelic number sequence. This means you are on your destined path, you are being divinely guided, your guardians and God(s) are with you & are closer than ever... Every year on November 11th, an energetic portal opens, and closes on 12/12. This is a time of powerful manifestation, spiritual guidance/intuition, and higher vibrations. But ... with that, comes release of anything that may be holding you back.


We hosted a manifestation meditation on Sunday 11/11 at 11am at Genesis Healing Tribe in Hawthorne, CA. We live-streamed our meditation with another healing studio in Long Beach, CA (@goinwardlb on Instagram) - to further amplify our intentions and anchor the energy surrounding us on that beautiful day.


We enjoyed a beautiful guided meditation and powerful sound bath serenade by the lovely @jupiter_soundscape (on Instagram). It sent us, as well as our intentions, into the heavens! We prayed for rain to help the burning fires in Malibu, we prayed for what no longer served us to leave, we prayed for compassion & love in the world. It was a beautiful ceremony. Thank you to all who joined us - whether it was in person or via live stream. And thank you to all who meditated somewhere in the world that day ~ we are responsible for anchoring love onto this physical plane. Let's continue spreading the light!


I'd say the last month has definitely been a time of manifestation, of heightened intuition, and of releasing attachment to things that may no longer be serving my highest good. I feel grateful, excited, inspired, and empowered. I am more sure of myself and more sure of my inner knowing. I know I am always on the right path, and what is supposed to be, will always be.

~As Above, So Below~

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