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Blessed Imbolc my beloveds!

February 1st and 2nd marks the Pagan Sabbat which honors the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This is a time of renewal, cleansing, purification, and fertility.

The word Imbolc translates to "in the belly", as this point of the year is considered to be the most fertile, when the soil is preparing for Spring's rebirth to arrive. We celebrate this holiday by participating in rituals, activities, building an altar, and honoring the goddess Brigid.

Brigid is the goddess of fertility, family, hearth, childbirth, spring, and healing. It is said that she has 2 sisters also named Brigid, which could represent the triple goddess trinity of maiden, mother, and crone. We give offerings of blackberries, baked goods, milk, honey, and beer to Brigid during this time. We honor her by participating in various activities.

(Other goddesses associated with Imbolc are Gaia, Aphrodite, Bast, Ceres, and Venus. Gods associated are Cupid, Eros, Pan, and Osiris.)


-Spring cleaning your home
-Watching the sunrise
-Fire meditation
-Arts such as: writing poetry, painting/drawing, knitting/crocheting, singing & dancing
-Baking bread or cake
-Setting goals for the year
-Making plans for the garden
-Cleansing your sacred space
-Creating an altar


When creating an altar or setting up an Imbolc celebration, the colors most commonly used are white, yellow, green, lavender, or robin's egg blue. Crystals to call upon the Imbolc gods & goddesses are amethyst, turquoise, moonstone, garnet, onyx, and bloodstone. The plant medicines used during this time are chamomile, basil, rosemary, ginger, dill, and bay - along with incense of frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and vanilla. Foods to be consumed and/or cooked with are bread, milk, spice cake, cheese, garlic, honey, seeds, and raisins. Animals to honor and worship for Imbolc are groundhogs, bears, lamb, deer, robins, owls, and swans.


-New beginnings
-Cleansing (baths, smudging, etc)
-Candle magic
-Intention setting
-Brigid's cross or crown


Use our IMBOLC SABBAT OIL to enhance any ritual, spell, or to tune you into the frequency that Imbolc brings.

Take some time today or tomorrow to honor this potent time. Even if you just gaze outside and look for signs of Spring growing closer - these sabbats and celebrations are really just about strengthening your connection with the Earth and its honoring cycles. May we as humans learn to appreciate each stage of life as it comes.

Thank you for reading! Blessed Imbolc to you and yours!

~As above, So Below~

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