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The Celestial Society - a journey through the seasons, stars, and spirits...
Before we go into detail about what exactly The Celestial Society is and what we have to offer, allow us to introduce ourselves!

Jade (left) of Jade Dragon Apothecary ( @jadedragonapothecary ), and Sunny (right) aka the Cosmic Curandera ( @cosmic_curandera ), are the celestial sisters behind the society! You’ll have the pleasure of meeting & chatting with us at our gatherings, as well as in our private Facebook group! Jade adds her knowledge of aromatherapy, paganism & ritual to The Celestial Society, while Sunny brings her knowledge of plants & planets, and cosmic healing. Jade crafts all-natural oils, sprays, balms, etc.. and Sunny the tinctures, flower essences & more... all of which you’ll be receiving in our seasonal goodie boxes!

Our initial vision for The Celestial Society was to host a sort of “book club” ... and we really wanted to use the We'Moon planner as our book. We'Moon features art and writing from women from around the world, with daily astrological information and moon phases, in a week-at-a-glance format. It’s beautiful and inspiring.

We weren’t sure what to call our “book club” for so long. We just kept referring to it as book club, or moon club. Since we each wanted to add our individual knowledge - covering current celestial events, seasonal herbs, holiday rituals, chakras, crystals, etc - we knew we had to create more than just a book club. We wanted to create an online space where members can discuss and ask questions about our “celestial curriculum” ... and how we’re using these tools to guide us on our path. We wanted to hold a sense of community and support in fellow spiritual beings navigating this physical realm. Thus, The Celestial Society was born.

A full year membership to The Celestial Society ($222) includes:

-A copy of the We’Moon 2020 planner

-Access to the full year of our month-by-month curriculum

-Access to our Facebook group forum

-All 4 seasonal goodie boxes

-Admission to all 4 sabbat gatherings

You can sign up for a single season membership to The Celestial Society to start out, and always upgrade later! There are 4 seasons in a full year membership, which means you’ll get all 4 boxes, attendance to all 4 sabbat gatherings, access to our Facebook discussion group, and the full YEAR month-by-month breakdown of celestial curriculum


Each season of The Celestial Society comes with a magically curated goodie box that goes hand in hand with the work we do in the curriculum - so that we experience a total mind/body/soul alignment with Mother Nature as the seasons progress. Each one is based around a different element, and contains corresponding items.

Here’s what our members get in this season's goodie box:

            E A R T H 

-Fire Cider immune tonic

-Yoni Steam herbal blend

-Sacral chakra roll-on oil

-Earth element spray

-Garnet stone (for grounding/root chakra)

-Black Tourmaline stone (for protection)

-Tree Agate stone (connection to nature)


All handcrafted by Jade Dragon Apothecary & Cosmic Curandera.


We can't wait to flow through the rhythms of Mother Earth with a whole community of celestial beings! Join us! As we journey through the seasons, stars, and spirits ...

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