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Whew... We did it! We made it through another year on this beautiful planet. How amazing?! Although 2018 seemed to just fly right by ~ I do love the magic that this season brings. There are over 20 holidays celebrated by various cultures from the months of October to February, and this can bring about many different feelings & energies.

I love to use these colder months as a way to spread some warmth...I love gathering with friends & family, sharing meals & memories, and expressing our love for one another. While I don't support corporate capitalism, or the encouragement of materialism... I'm also not opposed to the gesture of giving gifts. I think it's a wonderful way to get to know someone, to truly find a thoughtful gift, and its a way to get creative and/or allow your dollar to go toward supporting small businesses. I love to make my gifts when possible. In fact, each gift I gave this year was handmade either by myself or a fellow artist at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles. It made everything so much more meaningful!



We kicked off the holiday shopping season on November 24th, with Small Business Saturday! This is the Saturday after Black Friday - in protest of corporate spending - where we show increased support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There was tons of merch being handed out, discounts & freebies, and all kinds of promotional fun. CRAFTED at the Port of LA teamed up with Off the Vine Wine Shop to host a "Sip & Shop" event - with 7 different wine sampling stations throughout the market! This is always a great event, and helps ease the tension of shopping to make the day a great success! Forget waking up early and fighting crowds... sleep in, bring your family (and dogs), and enjoy something for everyone!


On December 8th at CRAFTED, we had a Holiday Craft Party, where every booth in the market hosted a different holiday-themed craft! Jade Dragon Apothecary offered orange-clove "pomanders" ...  aka air fresheners. Where we take an orange and stick it with cloves to fill the room with a sweet warm aroma for the holiday season.



This month we had our vision board workshop, Plant Medicine workshop, and Yule gathering all at Genesis Healing Tribe in Hawthorne. Yule was pure magic. Yule is a celebration by pagans in the northern hemisphere, honoring the longest night of the year (Winter Solstice) and the 12 days to come. We met on the Solstice night with intention of celebration, reflection, release, and renewal. We gathered around a bonfire, enjoyed a potluck feast, sipped cider & rum, put together an altar, and brought out the good vibes. We also took part in ritual ~ dressing our wood log in oils, herbs, & incense, and chanting a traditional pagan spell to invoke our ancestors, spirit guides, Earth elements & the directions. It was also a full moon, which is extremely rare for the Winter Solstice! Such beauty and warmth filled the air - as well as our hearts.






CRAFTED held another successful Holiday season in the marketplace! We had extended hours, an increase in vendors & foot traffic, and lots of festive activities. From craft classes & workshops, to a live nutcracker performance, customer appreciation refreshments, and the overall handmade love that goes into each product... This is such a special place to shop for meaningful gifts!

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