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Leo season always brings along some intense cosmic energy... Leo energy is known to be bright, bold, and "loud & proud". This tends to be a time of showing up, stepping into your power, and owning what you got! There were 2 eclipses in the last month - HELLO LEO I SEE U!

We had a total lunar eclipse AND a Full Moon (Blood Moon) on July 27th - bringing up inner fears, shadows & demons to face head-on and overcome. I used this time to set out my crystals, set intentions, and craft some herbal potions. I soaked Sunflowers in water overnight, to later create a flower essence with. Sunflowers are very bright, beautiful and bold, like Leo's ; plus they look like a Lion! They instill confidence and personal power, balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. I also made a batch of Mugwort (dreams, intuition, sleep/astral) sun tea that evening, and allowed it to steep in the sunset light, moonlight, and morning sunlight; charged with Moonstone crystals for intuition & (of course) the moon's energy. I bottled the sunflower essence and gifted a few to my friends, and a few to the lovely guests of our Tea Party on 8/8!

On 8/8 every year, an interdimensional portal opens and can be felt by those who are receptive of this cosmic energy. I did a powerful meditation the night of 8/8/18, after our Tea Party, and experienced what I know as a psychic vision. I was taken to a fairy garden commune in Ireland. Gathered with a large group of gnomes, fairies, medicine men & women... everyone singing and dancing in the moonlight. Cottages in the distance. It was a beautiful experience. Just earlier that day at our Summer Tea Party, we discussed how we all felt like such fairies gathering outside under the fig tree and drinking tea with one another. But it felt so natural. I feel was tapping into some Celtic ancestral roots for sure. I received lots of inspirations and guidance during this portal...now Virgo comes and urges us to get to work!

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