Lightning in a Bottle 2018

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Jade Dragon Apothecary shared a booth with another female-owned business, Namaslay Co, at Lightning in a Bottle this past weekend... and wow! What a blessing it was to be behind the scenes of a festival I attended for years.

For those of you who aren't aware, LiB is a music & arts festival with a great spiritual focus. There are multiple yoga stages, inspirational quotes posted throughout the festival, nutrition & plant medicine workshops, guest speakers, a sacred firepit honoring our ancestors, and so much more! LiB has also won the award for "greenest festival" and has separate bins for recycle, compost & landfill almost everywhere. It warms my heart to know there is such a large community of people co-creating this magical place.

My experience as a vendor was like no other year I had experienced as a guest. We arrived 2 days earlier, camped right behind our booth, and had really no time for play. The first two days were gloomy & cold, which did affect sales but we knew better than to let it get to us. I had a great time handing out hand-rolled sage & lavender bundles for the arriving guests to bless their campgrounds with! As the weekend progressed and the weather warmed up, more & more people ventured into the Oasis marketplace where we were located. I had a spray bottle full of our Cool Splash cooling mist that everyone enjoyed as they walked by. So many beautiful people crossed our paths with various gifts, kind words, and good vibes.

Even singer / songwriter Jhené Aiko came by and showed us some love! I was in awe and so very grateful that she purchased a few potions from me. I created a special 'Lightning in a Bottle' blend exclusively for the festival, which she loved! I truly appreciate when celebrities use their platform to be a positive influence in the world. Supporting small businesses means so much to us owners, and it also sends a message to her fans of credibility in my hard work & handmade creations. I am so happy, humbled, and inspired.

I did get some time each day to explore the festival and enjoy myself! Since we arrived 2 days before the guests arrived, we also got a first-look at all the stages, art installations, and festival grounds. Starting Thursday, we were required to be open from 10am-7pm, but since the last music set ended at 2am we stayed open until 3 or 4am! I was able to do a few tarot card readings for those on their way back to their campsites :)

Overall, this was a great learning experience for my business and myself. I had a lot of elements to balance, running my shop under an EZ up in the desert as opposed to an indoor warehouse. It taught me so much about my strength & power. It was also a great opportunity for exposure & networking. I met so many amazing souls - over 35,000 people attended! Sharing holistic healing wisdom is my passion, and I am so blessed to have shared it with so many in one weekend.


We had a blast and hope to only grow from here!


Catch us at more festivals in the future! See EVENTS page for more details

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