OCTOBER 2018 RECAP - Pagan Pride, Bruja Night, Potion Party

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October has always been my favorite month of the year...I love the warm fall feelings you get when you're at home sipping tea or homemade soup, watching spooky movies, and its actually a bit breezy outside. Here in SoCal, we don't experience too much of a "Fall" or "Autumn" season where the leaves turn brown and temperatures drop drastically - but we do get a taste of it. We actually had a nice rain storm one weekend this October. And it was perfect for all the fall feels :)


I always think of this time as an opportunity to work with your inner darkness, to become familiar with all things that make you, YOU - both positive and negative! The more aware we are of our own "shadows" or "faults", the more we can work to overcome and grow past them, or learn to live in harmony with them. Us humans tend hold so much emotion, trauma, anger, and passion inside that it eventually becomes toxic - not only to ourselves but to those around us, too. Learn to be okay with the negative, the dark, & the ego... Because without, we wouldn't have the positive, the light, nor the self.



Pagan Pride Festival wrapped up our busy Summer pop-up season! And it went above & beyond our expectations. I've grown up longing for some cultural insight to my heritage regarding traditions & rituals that my ancestors performed. Digging into my roots, I found Paganism to be a huge part in my Irish, Norwegian & British background. My Celtic ancestors picked up Paganism during the revival. This festival was a huge deal for me, and was incredibly magical in all ways ~ I felt my ancestors close, proud, and guiding me as I spoke about my craft. We were in a great location near lovely melodic flute vendors and other local artisans. I will definitely be returning next year!



BRUJA NIGHT - 10/26/18

We held our first Women's self care night, with a witchy twist - BRUJA SELF-CARE! Where we learned about fun spells, rituals, and self-care tips for the modern witch. We offered yoni steams, tarot readings, plant medicine elixirs, and women entrepreneurs offering their creations. We also took donations for natural feminine hygiene items that we will be collecting throughout December, and donating to women's shelters and homeless women this Holiday Season. (See more details HERE). This event was such a beautiful experience, to connect with one another and channel our inner brujas <3

We also enjoyed a delicious vegan meal homemade by yours truly - roasted pumpkin stuffed with veggies, rice & gravy! YUM! Blissful brujas indeed!




We had our second annual Potion Party this year! Where we learn about some wicked herbs, oils & aromas... then browse my potion book for your favorite recipe, to create and take home! This is always one of my favorite events - who doesn't love getting witchy & brewing up some magical healing potions?!

Keep an eye out for next year's Potion Party!

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