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Fire cider is a powerful immune tonic that is created by allowing a mix of anti-inflammatory veggies & spices to sit in Apple Cider Vinegar for about a month, extracting all the potent healing benefits from each ingredient. You would take a shot or two of this daily, sip on it in a tea, or add it to soups, and sauces, etc. This should last you for majority of the Winter season! I personally LOVE it!


You will need:


32oz Mason Jar

Cutting board





Organic ACV (Bragg's brand, with Mother is best)

1 onion*

10 cloves garlic*

1 ginger root* (1/3 C)

1 horseradish root* (1/3 C)

3 jalapeño peppers*

1 lemon*

1 orange*

1 tbsp turmeric*

1 tsp black pepper*


*ORGANIC, if possible*



Finely chop all ingredients up and add to the jar. Cover with ACV and fill to the top of the jar. Place cheesecloth flat over the jar and close lid over the cheesecloth. This is so the vinegar doesn't touch the aluminum lid and rust it. Allow to sit for 1 month in a cool dark place. In the closet is best. Shake every few days. Then strain and squeeze veggies through the cheesecloth into another jar. Enjoy your fire cider!

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