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How's your Winter been going?

This time brings stillness. Darkness. Death. Rebirth. Renewal.

We just celebrated Imbolc. Imbolc is a Pagan holiday on Feb. 1st which honors this very mid-point between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox ~ We take this time to celebrate the shedding of Winter's decay, and awaiting the return of the Sun. The Crone Goddess represents the Earth in this stage - the old wise woman who has persevered, fearlessly staring death in the face, for she's lived it a thousand times before. She awaits her magnificent rebirth.

Cleanse away what is left of last season, and prepare to sow new seeds.




If you're feeling sick, have been dealing with the Flu, or simply just feel like hibernating until the Sun comes out - this is all part of Mother Earth's natural cycle. Allow your body to detox, to cleanse & renew itself. The cold weather + increased sugar intake + higher stress levels that all come along with this season, create a recipe for immune system deficiency. HOWEVER - antibiotics/vaccinations are a random concoction of chemicals/viruses that contain a number of side effects. Many of which end up weakening your immune system in the long run, rather than strengthening it. Why do people take medication for weeks and still have a cough??? I kick my colds in 2 days with REAL immune support! Think about "cough suppressants" ... do we really want to suppress that gunk? NO. Get rid of it! CLEANSE. DETOX.

Here are my ALL NATURAL tips that keep me thriving during this time:



This is a constant in my diet during this season. I add it to soups, sauces, teas, and take daily shots. It is a powerful immune tonic that fights infection and inflammation. Try 1-2 tbsp daily, as desired. A favorite tea of mine is:

     1-2 tbsp ACV

     1-2 tbsp raw organic honey

     6oz boiling water

     Cinnamon, to taste

Making Fire Cider is an even more potent way to reap the benefits of ACV + more healing veggies and herbs. CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE



This is a powerful superfood, as well as an adaptogen - which means it adapts to your body's stressors to keep you healthy, despite external forces (weather, lack of sleep, diet change, etc). This is especially important for this time of year. This can be taken in supplements, syrups/tinctures, and herbal teas. 



Eucalyptus is a great nasal decongestant! The powerful menthol aroma cleanses the nasal passages and relieves sinus pressure. You can diffuse the pure essential oil in a diffuser, or add a few drops to a tissue, or use it in the shower/bath for a steam inhalation method. You can also take a fresh branch of Eucalyptus and hang it in your shower, for the same effect. DO NOT add essential oils to anything you ingest!



Another ingredient you'll see me adding in wherever I can these days - soups, salads, sauces, veggie dishes, smoothies, teas, etc. It contains a compound, circumin, which is the bioactive compound that contributes to Turmeric's powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. However, this compound is greatly enhanced when mixed with BLACK PEPPER. The two create a potent combination to fight all kinds of infection and illness. Increase your intake and see the difference!



Lots of it!!! You've heard your body is 75% water, but do you realize what that means? Every single organ in your body requires water to function - from your skin, to your brain, to your bowels - and when your immune system is compromised, it requires even more. Drinking water will not only flush your body of toxins and get rid of this illness quicker, but it will optimize your organs' functions. You will make it a lot easier for your body to recover and renew itself by keeping everything hydrated.



In addition to adding the above into your diet, you must eliminate foods that create mucus in the body. You cannot win a fight when you're feeding it. Mucus-producing foods include:






When in doubt, eat foods that follow the rainbow. The more colorful, the better. Avoid brown/white foods.



So if you follow these tips, get plenty of rest, and allow your body to cleanse - you'll be on your way to your divine rebirth...

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