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Have you ever experienced a sound bath? It is an incredibly powerful tool for meditation and relaxation, using sound waves to elevate your energy. There are many instruments that can be used in a sound bath - gongs, singing bowls, tibetan bowls, bells, drums, maracas... the list goes on. Anything that creates a rhythmic vibration to enhance states of healing or meditation. These vibrations align you with your higher self, and have the power to heal on many levels.

So a lovely local singer / family friend of mine has a beautiful set of 7 crystal singing bowls, one for each of the Chakras. Chakras are energy points within your body that correspond to certain emotional, mental & spiritual aspects in your life. A sound bath using these 7 singing bowls will align each of your Chakras into balance. Her and I have talked about collaborating for a long time now, so we figured out how to incorporate Jade Dragon Apothecary's Chakra oil blends into her sound bath.

We set up our sacred space in a beautiful home in Redondo Beach, on a warm Sunday morning. As she played her bowls, about 10 minutes for each Chakra, I sprayed the room with essential oils to balance the corresponding Chakra. This created a whole new opportunity for healing energy to surround and fully engulf our guests. It was magical. Some guests had visuals, others felt sensations in their bodies, but everyone left feeling more balanced, whole, & aware of what needs healing within themselves.

What an amazing sensory experience this was! I'm grateful to be able to share my gifts - not only because these sessions give me personal interaction with my clients, but because it's in such a powerful way! I love witnessing our remedies in their healing mode...


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