Emergence & New Beginnings

Posted by Brittany Cooper on

Emerging from winter with a basket full of new apothecary creations & inspirations... πŸŒ²β„

Within these times of stillness brews new life. We have been enjoying every moment of honoring that. There are many layers to this existence ~ layers we are not always aware of. Things lying beneath the surface awaiting to sprout. Don't you dare doubt yourself. Don't think this is the end. This is only the beginning 🌐

A new cycle for Mother as she begins to push for birth. The Sun starts to peek out. We see tiny fragments of life growing more each day. The butterflies are migrating. Spring is upon us my beloveds...what has Winter's stillness taught you?

It taught me to reflect. To assess my goals, my work, my life... and to make improvements wherever possible. I learned that I don't always have to be busy to be productive. Honor the stillness.. honor how far you've come. Although we may be in a cold & dark place, we can surely keep our own fire burning. Allow this time to prepare you for what's to come. Release and shed any decaying details and spring into new life 🌱

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