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Jeez, it's been awhile since our last blog post!

So much growth, transformation, and healing has occurred since then - both personally, and in the Apothecary. As many of you know, my partner and I moved in to my grandmother's house in May, to take care of her as dementia took over her mind. While we were able to spend some beautiful (and some challenging) moments with her, unfortunately it wasn't long before her spirit transitioned, on May 29th, and our lives forever changed. The last few months have been extremely confusing and difficult for us. My grief has definitely prevented me from being fully focused on my work. I apologize, and deeply thank you for your patience, if I have fallen behind on posts, updates, or orders. Your support means the world to me, and especially during these trying times.


I'm updating you here now to say that:

I am okay.
I am taking control.
I am stronger than ever.


I went through incredible rebirth during this time. Once I realized how unhealthy my physical and mental state was becoming, I took matters into my own hands. I had to deeply honor my self-care. And that didn't mean giving myself whatever I wanted at any given moment, because I deserved it for what I was going through. Actually, it meant quite the opposite. I needed to do better for myself, because I deserved that most after experiencing all this. I started reading a new book (Girl, Wash Your Face)... I started meditating at night instead of watching TV... I started juicing fruits & veggies every night and drinking that in the morning instead of coffee... I stopped eating fast food no matter how convenient it was... I got myself a new stainless steel water bottle AND some new running shoes... I started working out DAILY... I stopped drinking...

The funny thing is, I knew I needed to do all these things anyway. I had just been telling myself, I'm grieving and I've been through a lot so it's okay for these unhealthy habits to slip by. The truth is, we can allow these unhealthy habits to run course in our lives and deplete us -- or we can let these difficult moments fuel our fire for motivation, inspiration, and creativity. 

Despite all that was going on internally, I actually did have a great Summer! Things like this tend to remind you to live more. I traveled, went hiking, had many beach days (and a beach clean-up day), a girls camping trip, a family reunion, a romantic cabin getaway, a few backyard BBQ's, Full Moon parties, concerts, festivals, happy hours, pool days, and lots of nature. I'm forever grateful to my friends and family who got me out of the house and shared space with me this Summer. You are truly appreciated ! I've had an amazing time coming back to myself.


I have so many awesome things coming your way! Darkness and solitude definitely brew some magickal creations... so please stay tuned :)


~As Above, So Below~

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